December 27, 2018

How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Is God calling you to make a change in 2019? New Year’s Resolutions can be helpful if we learn to ground ourselves in God.

New years often comes with slogans like “new year, new me” and resolutions to workout more or eat better. Many people make resolutions and give up or forget within the first month. Others label resolutions as cheesy. Whatever camp you fall in, God is calling you to something greater.


Why We Make Resolutions

The new year just seems to be the perfect time. A new calendar. A new date. A fresh start. It all makes sense.

Somewhere deep inside us, we want to make a change. And despite the slogans and half-hearted resolutions the new year brings a glimmer of hope.

That hope is from God. He desires greatness for us. So He sparks a desire in our hearts for change. Some people feel this desire more prominently during the new year, others are motivated around their birthday or the start of a school year. Either way, God is calling us to greatness.

How to Follow Through

Okay. Great. God is calling me to greatness. That just puts even more pressure on me to succeed.

Or does it?

God desires greatness for us. He isn’t out there willing our demise. He wants to help us, but only if we are rooted in Him. That’s why we often fail to follow through with our new year’s resolutions. The goals we set are superficial, with worldly ambitions. Instead, if we shift our focus to God and remain grounded in Him, we can meet our goals.

Practically, this involves a deepening of faith. Ask God, in prayer, What are you calling me to? Seek out the guidance of a trusted priest, spiritual director, discipler, or friend.

Once you know your goals are grounded in faith, commit. Commit to honoring God’s will for your life.

Then check in. Meet regularly with your priest/spiritual director/discipler/friend. Talk to God often in prayer about your progress on your goals and seek His guidance as you move forward.

Holy Family

Remember that God is on your side. He desires greatness for your life and by keeping your goals and resolutions rooted in Christ, you will find success.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? How have you involved God in your plans? Let me know on Facebook or Instagram @theplantbasedcatholic or comment below!

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