August 2, 2018

Banana Nice Cream

Banana nice cream is sweet, creamy, and a perfect healthy and customizable dessert for hot summer days (or year round)!

Banana Nice Cream

Bananas are awesome! They are so versatile. Besides eating them raw, there are so many great ways to use bananas.

Like banana bread, sweetener for muffins, or one of my favorites: nice cream!

When you let bananas ripen they get super sweet. Then you can slice them up and freeze them. I always have a stash of frozen bananas sitting in my freezer ready to turn into banana nice cream.

If you're a fan of not-so-sweet bananas, no problem. Just freeze them when they are less ripe. Or, if you want the sweetest most decadent banana nice cream ever, wait until your bananas are covered in brown splotches and you're bananas will be perfectly sweet.

A common misconception about bananas is that you should eat them while they are green because as they ripen the sugar content increases. While it is true that the sugars do increase as bananas ripen, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't eat them when they get ripe.

Sugar from fruit is not bad for you! In fact, sugar in it's natural form (from plants) is so good for you.

God created us humans to require a certain amount of sugar to live.

When you eat sugar from fruits, like in banana nice cream, your blood sugar spikes. But, unlike artificial sugars, fruit has fiber. Fiber slows the absorption of the sugar, so you're blood sugar doesn't immediately go back down. The fruit creates a longer process in your body, decreasing future sugar cravings and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

So enjoy your fruits. Not only do they taste deliciously sweet, but they stabilize your blood sugar and contain essential fiber and vitamins.

If you're not sold by all this nutritional talk, make up a bowl of this banana nice cream and you'll be craving fruit before you know it.

The cool thing about banana nice cream is that you can make whatever flavor you want. The possibilities are endless.

Banana Nice Cream

How to Make Banana Nice Cream

Step 1. Let your bananas get ripe. You'll want them to be yellow with a few brown spots here and there.

Step 2. Slice the bananas. I like to slice mine into thin discs but simply breaking the bananas in to a few chunks works well.

Step 3. Freeze the bananas for at least 24 hours. Bananas can be a little finicky, if you don't freeze them for long enough they will get a weird texture.

Step 4. When you're ready to make your banana nice cream, take the banana out of the freezer and let it thaw for a few minutes. Grab your favorite flavorings. I made chocolate nice cream here, but you can make whatever flavor you want like peanut butter, bourbon pecan, or mocha. If you're feeling fancy you can even make a multi-layer nice cream cake!

Step 5. Blend. Add your bananas and flavorings to a blender or food processor and process until smooth. If you are using something like cocoa powder or peanut powder you may need to add a few tablespoons of non-dairy milk to help smooth out the mixture.

Step 6. Enjoy! Banana nice cream is best when it's fresh. Just like soft serve!

Storing Banana Nice Cream

I recommend that you eat your nice cream right away, but you can make nice cream ahead of time or save some for later if you'd like.

Store the nice cream in an air-tight container in the freezer. Nice cream often gets freezer burn. I find that it's best to store it in a plastic bag, where you can get all the air bubbles out and minimize the exposed surface area.

Banana Nice Cream

Recipe Prayer

God, thank you for the gift of sweet bananas. Thank you for creating a healthy and delicious plant for us to enjoy. Let us use your wonderful creation to live healthier and happier. Amen.

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Banana Nice Cream

Banana nice cream is sweet, creamy, and a perfect healthy and customizable dessert for hot summer days (or year round)!















  • 3 Frozen Bananas
  • 1/4 Cup Cocoa Powder
  • Chocolate Chips


  1. Add the frozen bananas and cocoa powder to a blender or food processor. Blend until smooth.
  2. Stir in desired amount of chocolate chips. Serve immediately. Enjoy!
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January 16, 2022
Tracy Henry
Made this tonight. Absolutely delicious Elizabeth. You got this one just right!
Oh yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)
January 16, 2022
L Collins
Hi Could you please confirm two things:1. The amount of salt. Seems like too much. 2. The directions say there is lemon juice in the dressing but it’s not listed under ingredients. ThanksL.
Hi there! Confirming that the two teaspoons of salt in the dressing is correct. I didn't salt the cauliflower when roasting it or the salad after it was done, so this amount of salt was perfect. If you're concerned about it you can decrease the amount of salt in the dressing and then add more at the end if you need it. As for the lemon juice, SO sorry about that! It was a typo in my directions and I've removed it now. Hope this helps :)
December 20, 2021
This looks lovely! Do you have a recipe for the red pepper hummus also? Thank you!
Hi Martha! I don't have a recipe for red pepper hummus on my site. I suggest taking a traditional hummus recipe and blending in roasted red pepper.
November 22, 2021
Amanda J Lehmann
I tried these and they were delicious! A bit dense but flavorful and the "buckeye" blend of peanut and chocolate was on point! Recommend!
Yay! I'm so glad you liked them! -- Elizabeth
December 6, 2021
Hi, these look amazing. I was wondering, could I used powdered peanut butter in place of creamy for the recipe? thanks
Hi Grace! There is already some powdered peanut butter in this recipe, so adding more might make the texture more gluey. Also, the real peanut butter adds some fat, which helps create flavor. That said, if you want to use powdered peanut butter, I would suggest mixing it with a high-fat liquid like coconut cream and then measuring out 2/3 cup. Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes :) -- Elizabeth
November 15, 2021
You mention using vegetable broth in your introduction but it isn’t included in the recipe
Hi Becky - thanks for pointing this out. I have removed mention of vegetable broth from this post. You do not need any vegetable broth. The mushrooms will release natural liquid which will prevent any sticking. -- Elizabeth
September 23, 2021
Tracy Henry
Hi Elizabeth, LOVE you recipes. Please keep them coming. :)I was wondering, can you share what is the vegan chocolate bar you used in this recipe?
August 28, 2021
Henry (Hank) Mader
thank you for the oil free recipe. I'm getting introduced to wild Bolete mushrooms here in Colorado, and everyone sautes Bolete's in butter or olive oil. I'm on a veggie, oil free regimen for heart health reasons. and your recipe suggestion may fill the bill. I can't wait to give it a try.
August 13, 2021
Lindsey Kuhn
This is so fun! Loving your creamy photography :)
August 13, 2021
Lindsey Kuhn
This looks incredible! So yummy and pretty photography